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Half day

Excursions in Morocco from 25 €

Pampa - Morocco Travel

The travel agency Pampa organizes excursions, trips and tours from Marrakech to several destinations in Morocco.You'll find day trips to Essaouira, to Ouzoud Casca ...


Programme of Excursions

Historical sightseeing tour of Marrakech

Half day historical sightseeing tour of Marrakech. The tour begins from your hotel towards the old Town (Medina) buried within the imperial walls. We stop at the jamaâ el-Fna, which is at once both a concourse and a market, Classified as an Oral Heritage Site. Not far from jamaâ el-Fna, there is the Koutoubia Minaret, or “Booksellers” mosque dates back to the 12th Century. It reflects the Islamic architecture and the graves ground of the royal family. Adjoining the mosque, you will visit Saadin Tombs, where the sultan Ahmed et-Mansour Eddahbi is interred. These tombs also house the graves of the entire Saadian dynasty. Then you will continue to El-bahia Palace “the Brilliant” which was constructed during the last quarter of the 19th Century as a residence for Ba Amed, chamberlain of the Alaouite Sultan Moulay el-Hassan .


Medina and souks

One half-day guided tour conceived to be a kind of introduction to old town of Marrakech, the “Medina”. With the purpose of giving some geographical and historical bench marks.

Our guide will expose you shortly the history of Marrakech, its foundation and its almost thousand years of history. The visit starts with the Koranical  school “Medersa Ben Youssef” established in the 14th century, but rebuilt about 200 years later. From there you will cross completely the souks, a living place with its intricate infrastructure. Different labours are assembled. Your guide will explain the organization of it, and will show you the districts where the principal trade associations are installed. Then you will reach the place Jemaa el Fna, the heart of the city, which owes most of its fame to the large number of spectacles going on all around all the time. Snake charmers, singers, story tellers, wizard, healers, restaurants...


Ramparts & gardens by horse drawn carriage

Marrakech becomes more fascinating when the tour is by horse drawn carriage. From your hotel, our tour begins with an orientation drive outside the city walls and then takes us to the tanneries (optional visit of the tanneries). Next, to the botanical Majorelle gardens of Yves St Laurent gathering several species, some are very rare. In spring, you will admire the most extraordinary flowers there our tour continue towards the old Town (Medina) buried within the imperial walls then back to your hotel.


The Valley of Ourika, with lunch

One day trip takes us southwards of Marrakech to the Ourika Valley, an attractive string of villages along the Ourika River. The trip proceeds along the rivers, meandering at the foot of the mountains where you will discover an authentic traditional way of life. And see the typical hamlet of basked clay and stones. This excursion allows you also to admire the most beautiful top of the chain since the valley is closed to Mont Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, (4.160 m).

As option, for those who desire, you can take a local guide to visit the seven waterfalls of



Plateau de Kik, with lunch

After breakfast, departure by 4 wheels drive towards the Dam of  Lalla Takkerkoust on the Nfis River, a beautiful panorama on the Atlas mountain range. We will join the track road passing through several Berber villages, situated at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. We continue to the plateau of   Kik; a very beautiful panorama having the lake like centre. After this, we stop at the holy village “Saint Moulay Brahim” (there is an annual holy ceremony that is held in July). Now, we arrive to the beautiful spot of Asni Ouirgane, with a splendid sight of Mont Toubkal, Covered with snow during winter and in spring. Leaving Asni, we will follow the road of Tizi n’Test, in the direction of Marrakech, passing by Moulay Brahim Gorges. At Tahanaoute, there is a small road to join quickly the valley of Ourika where your lunch is reserved in a good restaurant.

After lunch, as option, you can take a local guide for a walk and visit the seven waterfalls of



Ouarzazate, with lunch

This trip starts gently through the Haouz plain and its fertile landscapes before reaching the High Atlas and climbing up to Tizi-n-Tichka pass (2260 ft). A striking contrast between two slopes of the chain: North preserves a Mediterranean character, while the South is much more Saharian with red clay villages and greeneries among the shadows of fig and pomegranate trees. The desert cities are famed for their Berber-styled castles, hospitality and geometric carpets. Take a recommended turn-off leading to the village of Taourirt, the former residence of the Pasha Glaoui. Visit the fortified Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou; a fabulous village in the middle of fields of flowering almond trees playing so artfully with the light that it has been used as setting for films such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Un thé au Sahara” and many others.


Waterfall of Ouzoud, without lunch

Ouzoud or “waterfall of the Olives” is located about 167 km northeast of Marrakech, near the Atlas Mountains. This full day excursion will takes you to one of the prettiest natural sites in the Middle Atlas, the 330 feet (100 meter) waterfall of Ouzoud. Just one kilometre away from the waterfall, there is Oued El Abid and more olive trees that make the place more fascinating.

The area of the cascades is surrounded by lush vegetation as well as olive and carob trees, where are living monkeys.


Fantasia « Chez Ali », with diner

Enjoy a typical Moroccan dinner at the Fantasia “Chez Ali”. The dinner mainly includes Harira, Mechoui and couscous under Caidal "tents" in the big palace of Ali Baba. A traditional event including an opportunity to see the Berber folklore, the juggler’s performance, the flying carpet, the belly dancing and finally the fantasia show which consist of opposing different groups of horsemen, each represents the best rides of its tribe. Each group quivers away in a glaring light; all its members point their rifles to the sky and shoot at the same time leaving behind them a tumult burst and shouts.


Essaouira, with lunch

Essaouira or Old Mogador is a large fishing port founded by the Romans and inhabited by the Portuguese from the 17th century. Because of the influences of the famous French architect “Vauban”, who designed the ramparts, the city becomes, nowadays, a town of artists.

It is considered also as one of the most important and oldest fishing ports in Morocco, famous for local wood handicrafts, as there is a large plantation of cedar and pine trees nearby. Old Mogador profits from an extremely favorable microclimate which ensures a soft temperature in winter and fresh one in the summer.


Telouet by 4x4 drive

After breakfast, morning departure by land Rover through the road of Tizin Tichka collar, the highest passage of Morocco and all North Africa. Shortly after the collar, you will leave the principal road to join the village of Telouet. You will start the visit of the old kasbah of Glaoui which, during five centuries, controlled the passage of the caravans bringing back to Marrakech the products of sub-Saharan Africa.  Then, towards the auberge Tasga located at a few kilometres, at the edge of the wadi, in the middle of an orchard. At your arrival, you will be invited to visit the kitchen where your lunch prepares. You will receive there some information concerning the preparation of the Berber bread, cooked in the traditional furnace. Then, we invite you to a walk in the close douars. Although close to Telouet, they are famous of the traditional routes that make them remain very authentic and of so old Kasbah of 3 or 4 centuries.

Back return to Marrakech at the end of the afternoon.